Ozibug - web based bug tracking

01 November 2005   Version 2.3.2 released - includes several bug fixes for the database repository.
06 June 2005   Version 2.3.0 released - includes an incoming mail gateway, permalink on view bug page and new configuration options.
03 May 2005   14 day evaluation copy of the Enterprise Edition of Ozibug released to registered users. Available from the license page of the Ozibug internal tracking system.
28 February 2005   Version 2.2.0 released - includes a custom html report, simplified setting of the default filter and an option to allow guests to update their details.
03 May 2004   Version 2.1.0 released - includes pluggable authentication as well as several minor enhancements. Price rollback to 2002 levels.
09 February 2004   Added articles on creating release notes and an introduction to bug tracking.
05 January 2004   German German language pack for version 2.0.2 released - this is available for download by registered users. For an online demonstration try the Enterprise Edition and follow the instructions.
Internationalization howto added.
01 December 2003   Version 2.0.2 released - includes sorting of linked bugs as well as several bug fixes. Tested with the latest versions of supported Servlet Containers.
22 October 2003   Automatic Report Scheduling howto added.
25 September 2003   Colour scheme themes howto and database schema added.
11 August 2003   Version 2.0 released - includes optional database storage, RSS reports & cross module reporting.
17 March 2003   Version 1.4.0 released - includes linked bugs, named saved filters as well as many look & feel enhancements.
17 January 2003   Japanese Japanese language pack for version 1.3.0 released - this is available for download by registered users. For an online demonstration try the Enterprise Edition and follow the instructions.
02 December 2002   Version 1.3.0 released - includes customizable email notifications, designation of comments as private, and improved handling of inconsistencies in some servlet containers & browsers.
18 October 2002   14 day evaluation copy of the Community Edition of Ozibug released - this is available in the Download section.
26 August 2002   Version 1.2.0 released - contains management features including automated release notes generation. Some minor issues and problems corrected.
24 June 2002   Version 1.1.1 released - contains many corrections for minor issues and problems. Tested with even more Operating Systems and Servlet Containers.
17 June 2002   Internet link upgraded to high speed ADSL.
10 May 2002   Demonstration systems now contain data to display the available features.
24 April 2002   Spanish language pack for version 1.1.0 released - this is available in the Download & License section.
22 April 2002   Version 1.1.0 released - this is the first commercial grade release after a grueling six month beta test program. The release contains several bug fixes for minor, yet irritating problems.
18 March 2002   Version 1.0.4 released - includes reports, file attachments, forgotten password, persistent search criteria, system statistics, Spanish language pack, further internationalization updates and several bug fixes.
27 February 2002   Spanish ¡ Se Habla Español ! - A Spanish demonstration system made available.
21 January 2002   Version 1.0.3 released - includes internationalization updates, access control features and several bug fixes.
05 December 2001   Release notes updated to include reported bugs (online version only).
26 November 2001   jBoss section of Installation guide updated (online version only.)
19 November 2001   Version 1.0.2 released - includes WebSphere & Orion installation instructions and minor bug fixes.
25 October 2001   iPlanet section of Installation guide added (online version only.)
25 October 2001   Demonstration system made available (see Demo Systems section.)
23 October 2001   Version 1.0.1 released.
21 October 2001   WebLogic section of Installation guide updated (online version only.)
12 October 2001   Version 1.0 released.