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Ozibug is a platform-independent, web-based bug tracking system which can be installed and run straight out of the box on any Java servlet capable platform using intranet software. It can be used to manage the reporting of bugs and tracking of their progress from discovery through to resolution.

It delivers quality with key features such as
  • audit trails
  • file attachments
  • multiple module support
  • email notifications
  • custom reports and RSS feeds
  • system statistics
  • XML data storage
  • unlimited users and bugs

For those who require more flexibility, it also offers
  • fine grained access control
  • customizable appearance, email notifications and reference data
  • full internationalization
  • database storage
  • pluggable authentication
  • incoming mail gateway

The fully featured Enterprise Edition of Ozibug including support and upgrades is available for purchase online through our secure payment provider.


For a quick evaluation of Ozibug you can try the online demo system.

For an introductory onsite evaluation of Ozibug you can download an evaluation copy with a 14 day Evaluation license included.

To obtain a full license for Ozibug you must first register. Once registered you can download the latest version of Ozibug and language packs, obtain a further 30 day Evaluation license, purchase an Enterprise license and browse the Ozibug internal tracking system (yes - we use our own product !)


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04 January 2007
Version 2.3.4 released - includes several minor bug fixes.


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If you have any product feedback, suggestions or require further information please contact us at info@ozibug.com.

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